2 Steps to Gettin' That Bikini Bod

Capture:  Ally Pintucci

Capture:  Ally Pintucci

1. Have a body. ✅

{Fantastic. You nailed this one already!}

2. Put on a bikini and go live your life. Done. ✅


I'm opting out of this whole bikini bod chase this year, because frankly, it's irrelevant to my happiness. I eat well, I work out, I stay active, and none of it has much to do with forcing my body to look a certain way. The goal has always been to feel awesome, and to be healthy enough that I'd never have to say no to anything that gets me stoked. And as long as I'm thriving and strong and having a friggin' great time while I'm at it, that's enough for me.

Push yourself to do better, to BE better, to smash your goals, for SURE - but do it for yourself, yeah? And know the why behind your intentions and what you're putting all that energy towards. Because if the sole reason you're berating the way you look and sloggin' through workouts you hate is to lose a couple pounds in hopes of looking a little more like someone you're not, I can promise you, the end of the tunnel ain't as bright as you think it might be.

One day, you'll look back on all the epic things you've done, and I bet you'll remember the ecstatic life adventures more vividly than you'll remember whether you weighed 5 pounds more or not. So, go on with ya bad self. You've got a life to get after, with or without abs, rolls, tiger stripes, extra pounds, thigh gaps. I hope you make it absolutely outta this world epic and 100% your own.


That chick that just smashed a family sized bag of tortilla chips minutes before hitting the pool (#bikinidietwhaaat) and couldn't be fussed to suck in her belly more or edit the photo to make it look like she isn't 50 shades of awkward tan. ✌