"Lana exudes passion and positivity in everything she touches. It has been a joy to work with her over the last year: brainstorming creative solutions with marketing and events, collaborating on pack features/design and bringing an amazing energy to our Ambassador group. Lana is creative, keeps up with projects, a stellar communicator and someone I hope to keep working with for years to come."  

          - Lindsay Malone | Marketing & Events Specialist | Gregory Mountain Products

"She has a natural talent for words and stories that translates across a variety of products, brands and personalities. After working with Lana to deliver engaging content for three different clients over the course of a year, I was truly impressed at her ability to elevate their unique personalities, and increase their share of voice online."

          - Emma Andrews | Co-Founder + Director of Education | Pineapple Collective

"Lana is one of those people that, you know, whatever you’re up to, she’ll be there, cheering you on from the sidelines. She’s incredibly generous, open, and soulful. You can trust that she’ll be on your team, as long as you’re living your truth and putting good stuff out into the world. The best thing about this girl? She knows what it means to do what works for YOU (not what works for everyone else). She gets that everyone has their own path and their own way of doing things, and she’s there to help you along that path in any way she can."

          - Sian Richardson | Creative Entrepreneur | The Unmistakable Effect 

"Relaxed, thorough, supportive, energizing - after my time with Lana, I felt really heard and gently guided back to a path that is right for me. An exuberant soul with a realistic take on life and a super solid nutritional background, I felt I could totally rely on her expertise and experience and at the same time felt like I was kicking back with a friend from our very first session. Loved it! Lana has a gentle but buoyant approach that really makes you feel good health is possible, fun and will fit into your life as it is."

          - Loveday Why | Wild and Good